Waxing Hair Removal

Waxing has become one of the trendiest and most popular cosmetic procedures among both women and men. Whether you are getting one in preparation for a summer full of bikini outfits or you are simply tired of not being able to lift your arms in public because of the bush in your arm pits; a good waxing hair removal can make a huge difference in your life. It is a great alternative to traditional methods of getting rid of excess hair such as shaving and using hair weakening chemicals. These are not really good because the hair grows back in no time. Waxing hair removal is a very effective method and is way cheaper than laser and other similar invasive methods. There are many different waxing mechanisms available in the cosmetic industry. These include, hot waxes, cold waxes, Brazilian waxes, bikini waxes and the Hollywood wax. Below is a comparative analysis of each one of them to make it easier for you to narrow down on what you are willing to get.

Hot wax

This is one of the most popular waxing hair removal techniques. It is a non-strip method which means that there is no use of a waxed cloth or strip to remove hair follicles. It uses heated wax which works by heating the skin. This causes relaxation of the pores and hair follicles making them a whole lot easier to remove. During hot wax hair removal, the heated wax clings onto the hair follicles and when dry, it is peeled off coming out with the hair itself. It is ideal for areas with a lot of hair such as armpit and hairy male chests.

The fact that it does not cling to fine hair makes it less painful than other waxing treatments. Minimum irritation thus safe for use with sensitive skin. Scented hot wax has a calming and relaxing effect and leaves you smelling wonderful. Very effective in bushy areas.

It takes longer than a few of the other methods as the wax needs to dry and be peeled off carefully. Hot waxing is not effective with fine hair and thus cannot be used on beards, eyebrows or finger hair. Can be messy.

Cold wax

Cold wax hair removal is the exact opposite of hot wax removal in almost all aspects. The most obvious difference is the temperature of the wax. In this method, cold wax is applied on a strip then placed on the skin. After a few minutes, it is ripped off towards the opposite direction and orientation of the growing hair. This is done to ensure that the hair follicles are pulled out completely from the root. There may be need to repeat the procedure several times over the area to make sure that all the hair is removed.

It is a highly effective hair removal method. It is not messy. It is a do-it-yourself procedure that can be done at home without assistance.

It is one of the most painful waxing hair removal methods on this list.

Brazilian wax

This is a lot like a bikini wax and is done to make it possible for the client to wear a bikini without pubic hair showing. It involves hot wax removal where heated beeswax is poured, covered with cotton wool then gently removed. The wax sticks on to the hair without affecting the skin making removal easier and far much less painful. In the Brazilian wax, a strip or patch of hair is left over the pubic area usually in the middle area. It is usually accompanied by tweezing.

Highly effective in hair removal. Less painful than other methods. Minimal irritation and skin reaction.

Involves exposing private areas to the specialist which can be an uncomfortable experience. But you’ll be comfortable when handled by a professional in a relaxing atmosphere.

Hollywood wax

This is also a waxing hair removal style where the hair is removed from the pubic are for the purpose of wearing swim suits and bikinis at ease. Unlike the Brazilian, all the hair is removed from the pubic hair with nothing left behind. It also uses the hot wax method to remove hair.

It is effective in hair removal. It is less painful and irritating than other methods.

It takes time as the wax needs to cool and dry.

Bikini wax

The term 'bikini waxing’ is used in reference to the purpose of waxing and not necessarily the methods used. It is basically waxing hair removal aimed at removing hair from the pubic region of mostly women and at times men. Bikini waxing method gets its name from the most common reason why it is done which is to eliminate embarrassing incidents of visible pubic hair while wearing bikinis. It is also done for personal hygiene and aesthetic reasons. The most common way in which it is done is cold wax stripping using beeswax. It is highly effective and keeps hair away for up to a month.

Allows you to wear bikinis and swimsuits without embarrassing incidents. Keeps hair away for long. Beeswax is gentle on the skin thus eliminating irritations and bruises.

It’s one of the more painful options. It can be embarrassing or awkward exposing one’s pubic area to the waxing specialist. However, this is not a concern if you seek ethical and professional services. That ensures you get the respect and dignity you require.

The choice of waxing method is all yours depending on the specific results you desire, the availability of a qualified specialist and last but not least, the cost. It however goes without saying that it is a highly method that will leave you smooth and hairless for up to a month or more reducing time wasted on frequent shaving rituals. Despite all this wonderful things being said about waxing, it is no doubt the most painful of the hair removal options. But no pain no gain right?

You are in a good hands....