Restoring Your Dream Look!

In our beauty salon based in Derby, UK and we specialize in offering life-changing hair removal solutions to male guests. Our experts are experienced in attending to unique needs and delivering high levels of customer satisfaction.
We understand the science of hair growth, skin health and modern fashion and are confidently able to offer permanent reduction of hair growth no matter the density of your hair or skin type. Our state-of-the-art approved equipment works by targeting the dark pigment of hair at the root, completely removing it on contact. This process takes just a few minutes and there is little downtime involved. You can even receive the treatment on your lunch break and immediately get back to your daily routine.

Beard Line Hair Removal

The skin of your face is some of the most sensitive on your body and constantly putting it through harsh hair removal chemicals can cause a great deal of irritation. By opting for a beard line hair removal service, you can restore and maintain the presentable look you’ve always craved for. This is in addition to eliminating the need to shave every day as such preventing irritation and pink spotting. In some cases, it works for the reduction of acne.

How It Is Done
You will be requested to shave as usual before the treatment. Once the treatment is offered you will notice your hair growing back at a relatively slower-than-usual pace. However, it will shed in a couple of days. After the shedding process subsequent treatments may be recommended until you lose over 90% of your beard line.
This type of laser treatment mainly focuses on the lower face, chin and neck areas. You can always preserve your side-burns or goatee as our experts are well trained on on-spot hair removal techniques.

Chest and back laser

Laser hair removal is the best solution for men wanting a smooth chest or hair-free back. Whatever your desired end result, we offer the customized service to effectively remove unwanted chest and back hair. In approximately 30 minutes, you will have the look you desire, as our experts discretely remove those unsightly hair spots quickly and painlessly. After this treatment you will have smooth skin and there will be no more shedding of hair follicles onto your towel or shirt. Above all, you will feel more confident and smell fresh and clean all day long.

How It Is Done
You will be asked to shave prior to the treatment. After treatment, the hair will grow back but later shed in a patchy form. In subsequent treatments you will lose over 90% of your chest and back hair.

Groin Hair Removal

Almost every man in the world experiences excessive groin hair. Fortunately, our Derby clinic has a quick and simple solution to this little annoyance. We remove the hair along the pubic area, scrotum, gluteal fold, along the underwear line, seat area and the inner thigh.

There is no better feeling than enjoying ultimate smoothness after having your groin hair removed by an expert. With our hair removal services, you are able to feel fresh, smooth and clean every day without having to endure irritating stubbles and ingrowns. In fact, after the treatment, it’ll appear as if you’ve never had hair there to begin with.

Forget shaving and waxing, go laser. If you have been thinking of improving your general appearance, consider the option of men hair removal through laser for a permanent solution. Over the last few years, we have performed a good number of hair removal treatments across the nation. We are among the best hair removal treatment centres in the region dedicated exclusively to laser hair removal. You don’t have to waste time every day (or frequently) paying for temporary solutions. Give this service a try and turn a new chapter in your life.

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