Is Shaving Safe For All Time?

No, shaving is not safe for removing unwanted hair all time. It has many disadvantages such as cuts, abrasions, and irritation. It's boring too. Spending extra valuable time every day in the shower or bath, painstakingly ridding the body of hair with a razor. Also, it's not a permanent solution of removing unwanted hair.

Hair Growth Cycle

Understanding how hair grows and its cycle is very important for you to recognize and understand some of the problems you may encounter with your hair. Hair grows from underneath the skin- from its follicle. At the base of the follicle, hair is supplied with blood through blood vessels, which provides the nourishment needed for its growth. Scalp hair grows about 0.3 to0.4 mm per day translating into about 6 inches in a year. The growth and shedding of a person's hair is not cyclical or seasonal, which is the case with other mammals. At any given time, random hairs will be at different stages of hair growth.

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Types of Laser Machines

These days, there are different types of laser machines designed to remove and prevent unwanted hair from growing again in the future. These machines normally use pulsating beams of light to completely damage the underlying hair follicles to hinder the future of hair. Some of them are specifically designed for home use, but are not as effective as commercial/professional-level machines. Here are some types of professional laser hair-removal devices.

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